How do you rebrand a Los Angeles Legend?


The Edge.

Melrose Avenue has long held a reputation for being unique, alternative and independent but, in recent years, the stretch between Fairfax and Highland started to lose its edge. Urban Legend is helping to reshape the image of this shopping, dining and entertainment destination to attract new visitors & investment in the area.

Logo Refresh.

Generic Melrose Avenue branding didn’t distinguish the Business Improvement District footprint (Fairfax Highland Ave.) from the west end which has an entirely different look, feel and audience.

To establish a better sense of identity, we conducted a poll of neighbors, visitors and stakeholders. We determined our best-selling features are our raw, independent spirit and thriving arts scene. We made the decision to officially rename the Melrose BID as: the Melrose Arts District.

Website & Social Media.

Urban Legend built a website and social media platforms for the Melrose Arts District that showcase everything the area has to offer, from the latest in fashion and design, to delicious dining and cocktail culture. The audience is carefully cultivated and messaging distinct.

Visual Branding.

Urban Legend clearly delineates the District’s footprint with trash can signs, pole banners, and other branding. Also created t-shirts to raise funds for struggling businesses during Covid.

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