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Executive Strategic Communications Counsel

At Urban Legend, we leverage over 25 years of strategic communications expertise as trusted advisors for high-profile executives navigating complex business landscapes. Our strength lies in providing an essential outside perspective and identifying opportunities, potential obstacles, and gaps that may go unnoticed from an internal viewpoint.


Full-Service Crisis Management

At Urban Legend, we provide comprehensive crisis management services to organizations, readying them to mitigate potential risks and navigate turbulent situations effectively. We partner with executives, becoming a resilient strategic asset in your toolkit, to ensure your organization not only withstands crises, but emerges stronger.

Crisis Prevention, Management and Response

We help you anticipate and prepare for potential crises, adeptly manage problems, and formulate effective response strategies that preserve your reputation and trust with stakeholders.

Media Training

Leveraging our deep understanding of media dynamics, we coach your team to communicate effectively with the media during a crisis, equipping them with the skills to manage inquiries and deliver clear, concise, and timely responses.

Social Media Crisis Management

We help you navigate the fast-paced world of social media during a crisis. This involves real-time monitoring, crafting appropriate responses, and leveraging social platforms to provide updates, address concerns, and rebuild trust.


Re-Branding & Business Transformation

We help you reinvent your brand in response to changing market conditions and consumer preferences.

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